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Trillium Newsletter Winter '15 Edition

Welcome to the Winter 2015 Edition of the Trillium Newsletter. If you did not reach this page through the newsletter sent to your inbox, please check out the email for summaries and additional information. We hope the content in this newsletter gives you a glimpse into what your school has been doing. Remember to tell us what you think!

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8 Winter Camping Tips

Winter camping could mean a heated cabin for some, but it could also mean grabbing a tent to a remote location for others. No matter the type of winter camping you’re planning for, these tips can be extremely useful in all cases. Fireproof clothing You will need to build a fire, whether it’s to cook, stay warm or simply to boost your morale. While doing so, always make sure that the outer layer of your clothing is fire resistant. Tiny errant embers could harm your favourite sweater, or Read more [...]

5 Superfoods for Toddlers

Toddlerhood is an important phase of a kid’s life. It’s the time when parents need to take special care of their children because they’re growing so fast. It’s the most crucial stage where it's important to monitor their nutritional intake for proper development. The dietary needs of children are different from that of adults. Their growing bodies require specific vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. But, getting them on a healthy diet is a daunting Read more [...]

6 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Value of Money

The growing numbers of foreclosures and debts amongst Millennials are indicators of financial instability. They demonstrate that knowledge about managing money isn’t as common as it should be. To ensure the next generation avoids this problem, teach your children about money and financial management at an early age. Teaching kids about money is essential for helping them become responsible adults when they grow up. Not all schools teach financial skills to children. Being parents, it's your Read more [...]

Montessori Curriculum Nurtures Experiential Learning

In the early stages of development, children learn the fundamental principles, values, and skills that will prepare them to be strong leaders. Jean Piaget’s development theory outlines the cognitive stages that occur from childhood to adulthood. Montessori schools in Markham, help children throughout these stages by promoting experiential learning. This article will explain the developmental stages of intellectual development, and how Trillium, a Markham Montessori school, helps prepare students Read more [...]

FAQ: Sending Your Kids to Montessori Schools

The toddler years is a sensitive phase of your little one’s life. It’s when they’re most receptive to learning new things and skills. It’s also when many parents prepare him/her to attend a Montessori School. However, some parents are suspicious about the benefits of the Montessori method of education. There may be some questions that are unclear about. We’ve got you covered! Here are the answers to some answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Montessori education method. Read more [...]

Modernizing Education

[Update] Why Change Our Ways Society is driven by progress and progress is driven by advancement. Technological advancement is at the heart of it all today and every activity will, in some form or another, involve the use of technology. Our aim is to prepare every student to adapt to this evolving landscape. Some of your children may choose a career path in a specialty field where advanced technologies are utilized. However, even if that may not be the case for your child, and there is nothing Read more [...]

The New, And Improved, Technology Program

[Update] Technology Is More Than Just Computers Unfortunately, the Science and Technology Curriculum provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education does not have specifications explicitly for technology. As such, we have developed our own, one we believe will build a solid foundation for your children going into high school. Your child will acquire fundamentals skills – typing on QWERTY keyboards, navigating through different operating systems, and utilizing basic programs to perform functions Read more [...]

Tablets Coming To A Casa Classroom Near You

[Update] Casa 3 Tablet Program We have started experimenting with the iPad within the Casa 3 classes as part of the advancement of technology in the Casa Division. We are looking at making use of apps as teaching and learning tools and they will be screened for their applicability to our current academic program and their compatibility to our students’ age groups and learning styles. Our goal is to increase the interaction and engagement in the learning process to further the enjoyment of the Read more [...]

SMART Boards To Become A Staple In The Elementary Classrooms

[Update] SMARTer Lessons SMART Boards have already begun replacing the traditional chalkboards and whiteboards, not just in education circles but in many other areas as well, and it’s about time we jumped on the train. The SMART Board offers teachers the ability to create interactive lessons, work with students to quickly obtain an answer and adapt easily to the direction of the discussion. We are aiming to roll out the new boards in the coming years to give enough time for your teachers to Read more [...]

We Haven’t Forgotten About The Others

[Update] Art With our recent subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, your children now have access to a whole new set of creative tools to creating spectacular pieces of digital art. We will be adding devices that can be used in conjunction with the software in the coming years that will enable your children to produce a vast variety of artwork. [In The Future] Music Miss Falls has been working hard on exploring ways to incorporate technology into the music program. We will offer Read more [...]