Trillium Newsletter Winter '15 Edition

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How to Teach Self-Discipline Skills to Your Kid

As a parent, it’s important to teach your kid some essential self-discipline skills. Your child will be able to face life challenges confidently, fight unhealthy temptations, manage stress and make the right choices in your absence. Trillium is a reputed preschool in Markham with dedicated staff who believe in teaching kids self-discipline skills for their overall growth in academics and extra curricula. In this blog-post, we are highlighting several tips that will help you to impart self-discipline Read more [...]

8 Ways to Calm Down a Cranky Kid

Understanding kids is an art and if you’re a parent it’s a must-have skill. The key to calming down your cranky kid is to stay patient. For first-time parents, it may be a challenging task. But, with some practice and paying close attention to your child’s behaviour, you too can learn the art of managing their mood swings. As a reputed preschool in Markham, Trillium has a dedicated staff who believe in teaching kids with integrity, compassion and tolerance. In this post, we'd like to Read more [...]

5 Ways to Build a Strong Bond with Your Teenager

Teenage years can be confusing for young adults and their parents. For teenagers, it is a transition phase where they experience a lot of mood swings due to hormonal changes. Girls and boys experience a lot of pressure coping with these changes, both physically and mentally. As a parent, if you have a teenager at home you need to be extremely patient helping them through this phase. By showing them that you are compassionate and understanding, you will establish a close relationship with them. This Read more [...]

Tips to Help Your Child in Changing Schools

It’s difficult for children to leave behind their friends and adjust to a new school. A move affects their academic performance, social development and mannerisms. But, if you understand your child well, this doesn’t have to be so challenging. As a parent, you will play a major role in comforting your child with the transition. You need to try everything to smooth over the change of environment. Here are some of the tips that will help you in comforting your child Talk it out You Read more [...]

Important Life Lessons Children Learn at Summer Camps

Anyone who’s ever been to a summer camp can tell you that they’ve learned some important life lessons over their break. Summer camps provide many invaluable experiences for everyone involved, especially children. The sense of belonging that comes with summer camps is unlike any other experience you may have throughout your lifetime. It offers you a place where you can be yourself with a rare chance to be able to love without labels or even limits. The sense of community, recreation and exploration Read more [...]

How to Advocate for a Child with Learning Disabilities

Many children have certain learning disabilities which affect everything in their lives, from their math abilities to their reading comprehension. Caring for a child with a learning disability can be extremely rewarding, but requires a lot of hard work. Being a parent, you know your child and understand him/her better than anyone. However, learning disabilities have certain qualities and the presentations of these qualities are unique and may vary with each individual. These disabilities affect Read more [...]

How to Improve Your Child’s Reading Attention Span

Reading requires a great deal of attention and focus, be it by adults or children. It can be especially challenging for young readers as they tend to be restless and may struggle to pay attention when reading or even when being read to. Low attention span and a poor concentration level are common issues that young children have and it greatly affects the way they learn and retain any new information. If your child has trouble staying focused while reading, there are a few ways you can do to help Read more [...]

How Can You Help Your Children Discover Their Passion?

As parents, you’ll always want the best for your child’s future. Your main aim is to help your child(ren) succeed in life. Many people assume their children share the same interests as them. It’s very important to realize that your kids are not you. Their interests won’t be yours. To help your children thrive and succeed you should do all that you can to help them determine where their interests lie. Observe Determine what common interests you have with your children. This Read more [...]

How to Handle Temper Tantrums

Ever felt embarrassed when your toddler behaves badly in a crowded place? You’re not the only one dealing with your kids’ temper tantrums. There’s nothing to be angry or depressed. Temper tantrums are a normal part of a child growing up. It could be because they haven’t developed good coping skills, or are just frustrated. Whatever the reasons, a few corrective steps can be taken to stop the outbursts. Start Reasoning Children tend to throw tantrums in public areas like the Read more [...]