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CAT•4 vs. EQAO

[Update] The Canadian Achievements Test

Beginning this spring, Trillium students will take part in the Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT·4) at various intervals in the elementary years.  Specifically, students in grades 3, 5 and 7 will participate.  The CAT•4 is a standardized testing process which measures students’ achievement in the areas of Language and Math against same-grade students from across the country.  The CAT•4 is used by many educational institutions, both public (with special programs) and private, as part of their admission and assessment procedures.

The CAT•4 will be replacing the school’s annual participation in the Grade 3 EQAO (Equality and Accountability Office) Assessment of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.  Although independent schools are not required to participate, Trillium students have been taking part in this EQAO assessment since 1997.  Our students have always performed very well, with Trillium School results consistently at, or close to, 100% in all three subject areas as measured by the EQAO criteria.

In spite of our success in the EQAO process though, the results no longer provide information that is helpful in evaluating our school program.  The whole process also requires a considerable commitment of time and other resources to administer each year.  Hence, we believe that the CAT•4 will be a better investment of these resources.  The CAT•4 will allow more grades to be tested and will provide more detailed individual data about students.