Core Program

Trillium has an enriched academic program that includes all the subjects recognized in The Ontario Curriculum. These include, Language, Mathematics, French, Science, Social Studies (History and Geography for grade 7 and 8), Music, Health, Physical Education, Computer, and Art.

The Language program builds a solid foundation of basic skills through formalized instruction in spelling, phonics, process writing, grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary-building. In addition to the technical skills taught, literacy is fostered through a literature-rich environment where students work in a wide variety of language forms, including novel studies, reading logs, poetry writing and recitation, Shakespearean and classic literature, script-writing, story publication, and individual and group presentations. Students also participate in speech writing and poetry-reading competitions.

In Math, students work with a core text book that is advanced by one grade level. The program balances the mastery of technical skills garnered through practice and repetition, with a sold conceptual understanding of concepts and math vocabulary. Students are encouraged to use a base set of skills to think critically on a wide range of mathematical contexts. Plenty of problem-solving and math games help to keep Math fun and the students motivated. Time is also set aside for mental math exercises and speed tests, and for participation in province-wide math contests (including annual participation in EQAO testing).

French language instruction is introduced at Trillium in Casa (Kindergarten). In their elementary years, students build upon the base knowledge of French vocabulary learned in their Kindergarten years. Formalized instruction in the rules of French grammar is complemented by plenty of practice listening, speaking, reading and writing in French. Time is also spent exploring and developing an appreciation for French culture through literature, videos, projects, presentations, and field trips.

Students in Science, Social Studies, History and Geography use core textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education. Many concepts taught in class are reinforced through various field trips, projects, presentations, and participation in competitions. Our Geography students for instance, take part in the Great Canadian Geography Challenge, while all senior students prepare scientific investigations for the school’s annual Science Fair. Top performers in this event go on to represent Trillium at the York Region Science and Technology Fair, where our students have established a tradition of success. Trillium medallists at York Region Science Fair have gone on to represent York Region at the National Science Fair.

Physical Education, Health, Music, Computer and Art round out the Elementary timetable. Learning in these subjects often extends beyond the classroom walls, where our students have taken part in a diverse range of interesting learning opportunities that reinforce the in-class curriculum taught. Trillium students, for instance, participate in intra-mural and inter-school sports competitions, take part in physical fitness assessment and conditioning programs, prepare and present multi-media slide shows and group assemblies, assume roles in at least two major concert productions per year, and submit entries to local Art competitions.