Pre-Casa (Toddler) Program

At what age can my child join the Pre-Casa (Toddler) Program?

The program begins in September of every year. Your child may join the program in September of the year he/she turns 2 years of age. For example, if your child turns 2 any month from January to December of 2008, he/she may commence the Toddler Program in September of 2008.

What does the Pre-Casa (Toddler) Program offer?

The Trillium Pre-Casa program offers an environment that is warm, nurturing and dynamic. The aim of the program is to foster a readiness for pre-school in a relaxed setting.

The Pre-Casa program will focus on:

  • Independence and co-operation
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Attentiveness
  • Learning through exploration

What will my child do in the Pre-Casa (Toddler) Program?

Daily activities are designed to enhance skills, enabling an easy transition into a more structured environment.

Skill development includes:

  • Sensory skills: hearing, feeling, seeing, smelling and tasting
  • Cognitive skills: logical and critical thinking, comprehension and organization of thought
  • Motor skills: fine motor skills and gross motor skills
  • Verbal skills: articulation, vocabulary, sentence structure and creative expression
  • Social/emotional skills: conflict resolution, sharing, care of self, others and environment