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Daycare in Markham

Why Is Sending Your Child to Daycare the Right Decision?

Are you looking for the best daycare in Markham, Ontario, for your child? It is a great option both for both busy parents and for their children, who benefit from daycare’s many advantages. In addition to taking care of your child, a daycare has many other positive impacts on child development. Let’s explore what they are. The Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in Daycare Compared to any other stage of life, early childhood is when kids endure the maximum number of physical Read more [...]

5 Benefits of Sustainable Environmental Daycare Practices

It’s never too early to introduce children to nature. Time spent outdoors allows them to connect with their environment and understand their place within the world. When they form a connection with nature, it also helps to grow their environmental awareness. At Trillium School’s daycare in Markham, we focus on teaching children to care for our environment now to help the world later. Not only are these sustainable practices in childcare good for the environment but they have great benefits Read more [...]
2022 Summer Camp Why It’s More Important for Kids Than Ever

2022 Summer Camp: Why It’s More Important for Kids Than Ever

Each year thousands of children attend summer camps throughout Canada. If your kids have never been to one, then we suggest you start preparing them! Our summer camp in Markham is a special community where kids come together to have fun. It is known for providing a safe environment where they gain self-confidence by learning new life skills. They will also learn a variety of social skills, like improved communication, sharing, and conflict resolution. Because of the pandemic, camps have essentially Read more [...]
Montessori Schools in Markham

Montessori Schools vs. Daycare: What Are the Differences?

In your child’s early years, education plays a vital role in helping them decide the trajectory of their life. From birth to age six, they develop the foundation of their habits and interests. So, choosing an educational method plays an important role as it assists in planning that path. To make this decision, keep in mind that they are going to be away from you for a considerable amount of time. If you live in Ontario, both Montessori Markham and daycare centers are good options. Let’s Read more [...]

9 Reasons Why Your Child Benefits from a Private School

As parents, you may ask yourself how you can best educate your child. They are unique, so their process or speed of learning will differ from that of others. Private schools are different from public schools in that they take care of every child’s unique needs. They also provide a quality education which is important for a child’s future. Trillium, a private school in Markham, is a great choice for Ontario kids as it has highly educated teachers to look after them. Here are the benefits Read more [...]

4 Reasons Creativity’s Important to Your Child’s Development

When we talk about skills that are essential to a child’s academic success, we mainly talk about basics like speaking, reading, writing, and counting. For many parents, creativity is a virtue for other kids; not a core skill for their children. But being creative doesn't require special techniques, equipment, or attributes. It’s a way of thinking and discovering new things, which helps us solve real-life problems. Children are born innovators with vivid imaginations and a unique manner Read more [...]

How to Control Teenage Tantrums (Parenting Guide)

Adolescence is a difficult phase for both children and parents. Unpredictable mood swings, unbounded anger over what seems to be nothing, distrust, secretiveness – all this can make parenting extremely difficult. Teenage tantrums can be fed by several factors including insecurity, fear, peer pressure, frustration, sensory overload, anger and hormonal changes. But you can’t let these emotional outbursts run the house. Here, we examine a few ways to control your teenager’s emotional outbursts. 6 Read more [...]

4 Ways to Use Books to Improve Preschool Cognitive Skills

The preschool period is an important developmental phase, especially for children's cognitive abilities and self-regulatory skills. They learn to imagine, guess, describe, and wonder about different objects and situations around them. They also learn new words and phrases, experience emotions, and acquire basic skills and knowledge. While there are numerous ways to help improve a child’s cognitive development, books are one of the most simple and effective. Children who are introduced to learning Read more [...]

7 Interesting Brain Development Games for Toddlers

The first five years of a child's life are the foundation of their future health, growth and development, both physical and mental. As a parent, it's your responsibility to jumpstart their brain development by engaging them in fun activities. To that end, we've come up with some interesting brain improvement games that are more productive than watching TV or playing video games. Fun Indoor Games for Toddlers That Help in Brain Development The learning experiences your child has during Read more [...]

How to Keep Kids Engaged During the Holidays (9 Fun Activities)

Holidays are a great time to bond with our kids and maybe even let our own inner child emerge once again. With Christmas fast approaching and the pandemic forcing us to stay indoors, you might be wondering how to keep your Montessori school kid (and yourself) constructively occupied at home. Here are some ways to keep them active, entertained, and out of trouble while spending some quality time with them. 9 Fun Indoor Holiday Activities for Kids Worried that your kids will be glued Read more [...]