Trillium Experience

Our Commitment:

Trillium School is committed to establishing within each of our students a strong foundation of work and study skills, a varied and extensive base of knowledge, and the ability to critically examine, discuss, and assess the world around them.  These are skills that will always serve them well going forward.

Success in today’s modern, global economy however, requires a new set of competencies too.  Our team is committed to meeting this demand.  We work hard to develop our students’ teamwork skills, their ability to adapt quickly to change and remain flexible in their thinking, as well as their proficiency in public-speaking.   Trillium’s senior students are directly taught the qualities that strong, effective leaders possess and are presented with numerous opportunities to practise their own leadership skills.

Strong academics and good character – these are the hallmarks of Trillium School.  By the time students graduate they will be global citizens, compassionate and tolerant in their perspective.  They will have the self-confidence to try new things and the strong sense of self needed to drive them forward, always in pursuit of the highest in social, moral, and work standards.