Interactive Daycare Program at Trillium School

Safe and Enjoyable Daycare Facility in Markham for Little Ones

At Trillium School’s daycare facility in Markham, our teachers and caregivers provide love and attention to little ones while keeping individual child’s needs in mind. Our focus is to nurture, offer a safe environment and engage children in fun activities suited to their age, interest and energy level. Wide-open spaces, interactive areas, intellectually-stimulating toys and a home-like environment at our facility encourages children to develop their social skills and cognitive abilities.

Being a member of the Ontario Federation of Independent Schools and registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education, we are well aware of the best practices that help in the overall development of a child. At our daycare centre in Markham, we provide assistance, support and monitoring to ensure every child feels at ease and truly enjoys the whole learning experience with enthusiasm.

The focus of our daycare program is on-

• Character building
• Leadership training
• Skill development
• Personal development
• Confidence building
• Fostering friendship

Take a Step Toward Your Child’s Healthy Social Development

The Best-in-Class Facilities at Trillium School’s Daycare Program in Markham

Apart from offering a strong academic program to students, Trillium School puts equal emphasis on extra-curricular activities. That’s why our state-of-the-art school building features:

• Fully-Equipped Gymnasium
• Advanced Computer Lab
• Interactive Science Lab
• Creative Art Studio
• Informative Library
• Secure Playroom

In our daycare program, every day is a fun-filled for children as they engage in new activities on a regular basis including board games, outdoor sports, computer and music sessions. Speciality lessons are also arranged where children learn to dance, play Suzuki violin, piano and taekwondo.

Experienced and Affectionate Teachers and Caregivers

The key to a happy child at a daycare facility is an affectionate caregiver. At Trillium School, our staff is experienced, licensed, honest and compassionate. Under the careful guidance of our team, your child will gain confidence and pick up good habits to become a well-groomed grown up of tomorrow.

Our teachers and caregivers give special attention to every child and look after their individual needs. The commitment and dedication exhibited our staff is the reason why we have earned the trust of parents and families that we serve at our daycare facility in Markham.

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