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Montessori Schools in Markham

How to Encourage Independent Play (Explained by Montessori School Experts)

A key component of the Montessori philosophy is to promote independence as it allows your child to feel capable, content and independent. One of the best ways to encourage independence is through play. Independent play basically means the ability to play alone. If your child can feel comfortable and confident playing alone, they will feel the same doing other tasks on their own. Play is not just a random activity for them to pass their time; it allows them to learn, imagine, take chances, Read more [...]
Daycare in Markham

How to Transition Back to School (Guide by Our Markham Daycare)

Summer vacation is over and schools are starting their new terms. We at Trillium daycare in Markham But is your little one still in the holiday zone? Children go through a mix of emotions when it comes to going back to school. It can be a really exciting time for some; others may feel anxiety or fear. Instead of jumping back into the school routine all at once on the first day, it’s better to ease them into the transition. Here, we discuss a few steps to help bring your child back from Read more [...]
Toronto Private School

Toronto Private Schools: How They Enrich Your Child’s Future

Are you looking for the best Toronto private school in which to enrol your child? While Ontario’s public school system has its merits, it is worth considering whether a private school education provides enough real advantages to justify the cost. (Hint: it does.) Here we discuss what benefits a prestigious Toronto private school like Trillium School can offer your children. 4 Essential Characteristics of an Excellent Private School Like Trillium School Finding the right private school can Read more [...]
Montessori Schools in Markham

Montessori School in Markham Manages Back-to-School Anxiety

The pandemic shook up our children’s worlds. Indeed, they endured massive changes in their education and related activities. Transitioning back to school can be stressful for them and some anxiety is normal. This is especially true for kids in Montessori daycare since school is still a fairly new concept. You may find them seeking reassurance by asking whether their friends will be in their class. You may also have to field complaints about headaches or stomach aches, or see changes in their Read more [...]
summer camps in Markham

Why Should You Send Your Child to Summer Camp in Markham?

Allowing your children to explore and experience new things is crucial for their education and growth. That’s why we always encourage parents to send their children to summer camps in Markham. We believe every child should attend summer camp, regardless of their age. And their increased independence allows them to get more out of the experience. For those parents worried about sending their children to summer camps, please don’t. In Montessori summer camps, the mission is to have fun. Campers Read more [...]
summer camps in Markham

5 Questions to Ask When Selecting Summer Camps in Markham

Summer camps are an excellent opportunity for your child to grow personally. Not only is it a great way to learn new skills, they can also make new friends and lasting memories. If you live in Markham, there are a number of options when it comes to summer camps. So, how do you select the right one for your child? We have held summer camps in Markham for years, so we understand what parents are looking for. If you are sending your preschooler for the first or your fifth time, here are some cues Read more [...]
Montessori Daycare in Markham

How Our Montessori Daycare in Markham Boosts Kids’ Communication Skills

That’s why it’s essential to provide children with the support they need to learn how to speak clearly and write well to succeed in the future. In this post, we discuss how communication skills are important to your child’s development. We also look at how the experts at our Montessori daycare in Markham help them become more confident and successful. Let’s get started. Communication Skills: Their Importance in Child Development Communication is the ability to convey your ideas and Read more [...]
Montessori School in Markham

How Montessori Schools in Markham Promote Children’s Creativity

Are you looking for the ideal Montessori school in Markham to cultivate creativity in your children? If so, you should contact Trillium School. We believe every child is creative, and we help them develop that creativity. In this post, you will learn about the importance of creativity in the lives of children and how Montessori education encourages its development. Let’s get started. How Montessori Schools Promote Creativity Creativity is the ability to imagine, create, or constructively Read more [...]

Ways to Help Your Montessori Child Manage and Overcome Fear

Fear is a normal part of being human, and every child feels fear from time to time. The reason could be anything from darkness to the monster in a cartoon or the fear of being alone. These examples may seem silly to adults, but they can make children feel out of control or anxious. It becomes more serious when the child’s fear or anxiety persists for a long time. Here, we discuss the reasons for and signs of childhood fear and ways to overcome it, as recommended by the experts at our Montessori Read more [...]

What Is the Main Philosophy of a Montessori School Education?

Are you looking to enrol your child in the best Montessori school in Markham? The Montessori teaching method was developed by Italian educator and doctor Maria Montessori in the early years of the twentieth century. She was highly influenced by German pedagogue Friedrich Froebel and Swiss educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, who both believed that children learn through activity. She developed a quality educational environment for children where they get the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge Read more [...]