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How to Convince Your Child to Enroll in a Summer Camp

While for most children, going to summer camp is something they wait for throughout the year, there are many children who are not as enthusiastic about it. If your child is shy and introverted, they will be reluctant to attend. The reason behind this can be varied but a little support and encouragement from the parents can work wonders in changing their mind.

We share some tried and tested tips in this post to make your reluctant kid look forward going to summer camp. Markham has many close-to-home summer programs that your child will surely love.

Choosing the Right Summer Camp Program:

If you choose the ideal summer camp program for your child, half your trouble is solved as they will be looking forward to it, despite their nervousness. Here’s how you can find the ideal program for your kid:

  • Find out your child’s hobbies and include them in conversations regarding the right summer camp for them.
  • Determine whether you are willing to let your child travel for the camp.
  • There are camps during regular school-hours and also sleepaway camps. Make your decision based on your child’s ability to cope away from home.

Tips to Encourage Your Child:

  • Involve them in choosing and preparing for the camp

Choosing the right camp involves a certain amount of research and thoroughly going through the credentials of what each program offers. When you include the child and browse through the options. Doing so will ease and make them feel involved. Not only that, they might come across something they like and get curious about what’s available, making them more willing to join.

For a first-time camper, there are always a lot of questions that need to be answered. When you are involving your child in the process of choosing the camp, it also lets you teach them what you know about camp life so that they can accordingly formulate expectations.

Take them to shop for camping gears and clothes. Involving them in the preparation will help them realize this is a joint decision, and they are not being forced to participate.

  • Share your own childhood experiences

If you had attended a summer camp as a child or have some formative experience away from home in your childhood, share those stories with your child. An anxious first-time camper will want to be as prepared as they can and your positive experiences can help to boost their confidence. Be verbal about your faith in them- your child needs to hear this more often when they are nervous about the various activities at the camp which are completely new to them.

Your child should feel free to talk about their perceptions about the new activities they will be doing and seek advice. As the parent, share more about the positive sides of the experience and dwell less on any drawbacks or bad memories you have. Your aim should be making your child feel enthusiastic about the program and not make them apprehensive.

  • Consider choosing a common camp program with their friends

A trusted friend can be a great confidence booster for an anxious child. Talk to their friend and his or her parents and choose a summer camp session together so that the child does not feel lonely. This not only will make the child feel safer, but the pair of them can widen their circle easily at the camp together.

However, while sending them with a friend on their first camp is a wise decision, be sure to emphasize to your child the need to communicate freely. An introverted kid can still have trouble managing to cope at a camp. Sharing tips on how they can make new friends and familiarizing them beforehand with the camp councillors and other staffs can be helpful.

For extremely shy and withdrawn kids, there are interactive sessions at daycare programs held by private schools in Markham. Attending these sessions will help them get over their shyness as they make friends at the camp.

Summer camps and summer schools are a learning experience but in a fun and entertaining way. However, for first-time campers the prospect of spending a long time away from home is nothing short of scary.  Supporting your child tactfully with close attention to the above-mentioned factors, will make sure they have a fabulous time at the camp.