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How to Teach Self-Discipline Skills to Your Kid

How to Teach Self-Discipline Skills to Your Kid

As a parent, it’s important to teach your kid some essential self-discipline skills. Your child will be able to face life challenges confidently, fight unhealthy temptations, manage stress and make the right choices in your absence.

Trillium is a reputed preschool in Markham with dedicated staff who believe in teaching kids self-discipline skills for their overall growth in academics and extra curricula. In this blog-post, we are highlighting several tips that will help you to impart self-discipline skills in your child.

Provide a routine

You have to create an everyday routine for your kid to manage his/her activities. Create two charts: one to follow in the morning and the other for after-school activities. In the morning chart, you can outline time specific times of the day such as waking up, shower time and more. Whereas, in the after-school chart, you should divide his/her time between homework, chores and fun activities.

NOTE: Keep the chart simple for your kid to implement all the activities on his/her own.

Let him/her face the consequences

If you leave your child to face the consequences of their actions, he or she will learn to define between right and wrong. For instance, if your child forgets to pack his/her belongings for school, the act of going all the way to deliver their homework will spoil them. Instead, let them face the result and learn from their mistake so they will not repeat it in the near future. In this way, he/she will learn how to make healthy decisions in life.

Clarify the reasons behind your rules

You must explain to your kid why you’re making a set of rules for them. If you force your child to follow your rules without any explanation, he or she will become stubborn. For instance, implement consequences for not doing homework on time, then explain the consequence of not completing the task. They will recognize that finishing their work enables them to participate in fun activities.

NOTE: Avoid long lectures and stick to logical reasoning to help them understand and obey you.

Appreciate good behaviour

Praise your kid for his/her good behaviour. If they’re doing things without the help of reminders, make sure you’re recognize it and commend them. This will encourage your child to behave well and repeat good behaviour.

Teach them how to solve a problem

You must teach your kids how to solve problems. Initially, you must take active participation in walking them through a problem and discussing how to solve an issue. Eventually, you should start leaving it up to them to come up with a solution. You can also ask your child for help in some situations to make them lead in creating solutions, which will build their confidence.

Be a role model

Make sure that you practise good behaviour and be a role model for your kid as they will learn from your actions and characteristics. For instance, if you watch TV without completing your daily work, your child may think it’s okay for them to laze around and not complete their homework. By actively showing them proper discipline, they will learn from your example.

Give incentives

Acknowledge your kid’s good behaviour with a reward. If they’re complete a task on time, offer some incentives such as chocolates, ice creams or a fun activity. However, over time gradually stop rewarding them once they gain self-discipline.

By following the above tips, you will be able to teach self-discipline skills to your kid to help them grow into confident young adults. If you’re looking for more comprehensive programs for your toddler, contact Trillium and schedule a visit to learn about the admission process.