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Tips to Help Your Child in Changing Schools

Changing Schools

It’s difficult for children to leave behind their friends and adjust to a new school. A move affects their academic performance, social development and mannerisms. But, if you understand your child well, this doesn’t have to be so challenging. As a parent, you will play a major role in comforting your child with the transition. You need to try everything to smooth over the change of environment.

Here are some of the tips that will help you in comforting your child

  • Talk it out

You need to create excitement in your child about the new school. From talking about the new facilities to the new uniform of the school, focus the conversation around things he or she will enjoy. This will garner his or her interest and make the transition easy. You need to explain that change is inevitable but that it doesn’t have to be all bad.

  • Help them in making new friends

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to help your kid make new friends. You can get your kid enrolled in a sports club that will keep him or her hooked to a sport while making it possible to develop new friendships. This is also possible if you are friendly with your neighbours who have kids at home. Call them over for lunch or dinner. In this way, your child will be able to feel comfortable in the neighbourhood.

  • Continue with the traditions

Change of school doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to call off the traditions of a school-life. From making their favourite breakfast, planning camp trips, and visiting granny’s place after school should be continued.

  • Imitate the first day of school

You can drive your child to his or her new school and meet new teachers if possible. A new-school tour can be fun and your kid will thoroughly enjoy this practice run. This will be a test-run to the new school-life of your kid.

  • Buy new school accessories

This is the best way to win your child’s heart all over again and make them excited about a new school. Buy backpacks, water bottles, tiffin-boxes, books and other stationaries your child likes.

  • Involve yourself

You need to get involved in the new school-life of your child. Join the sports coaching with parents to make your kid comfortable in a new environment. Your physical presence will boost his or her confidence. Also, be friendly with other parents and introduce your kid to their children.

  • Don’t give up easily

Patience is the key to dealing with kids. The transition to a new school is an emotional affair and you should be able to handle your kid’s changes in mood. Your kid may be grumpy or quiet when you’re trying your best to comfort him or her, but, don’t give up easily and keep trying.

By following these above-mentioned tips, you will be successful in making your kid happy with the transition. Be patient, understand your child and help him or her to overcome this conversion period. All the best!