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2022 Summer Camp: Why It’s More Important for Kids Than Ever

2022 Summer Camp Why It’s More Important for Kids Than Ever

Each year thousands of children attend summer camps throughout Canada. If your kids have never been to one, then we suggest you start preparing them! Our summer camp in Markham is a special community where kids come together to have fun. It is known for providing a safe environment where they gain self-confidence by learning new life skills. They will also learn a variety of social skills, like improved communication, sharing, and conflict resolution.

Because of the pandemic, camps have essentially been on hold, affecting both children and parents. Remote learning and social distancing has impacted their mental health, which makes the experience of bonding at summer camp all the more important next year.

Here, we explore reasons to enrol your children in Trillium’s 2022 summer camp in Markham.

Reasons Why Summer Camp Is Important Post-Pandemic

Feature - Reasons Why Summer Camp Is Important Post-Pandemic

Life is slowly starting to return to normal for our children. But how can we ensure that they will be comfortable in the social situations they’ve been missing for almost two years? That’s where these summer camps play an essential role in preparing kids to become part of a group, something they may be less comfortable with after over a year of remote learning.

1. Provides Opportunities for Kids to Make New Friends

Schools, daycares, and parks are the places where kids used to interact with new peers. But lockdowns eliminated those opportunities for a long time. Summer 2022 camp will be a great opportunity to meet new children. There, they will be placed in groups with new potential friends, with games acting as the icebreaker. Our trained staff members not only make campers feel welcome but take complete care of them. Children later model that same welcoming behaviour for new kids and carry these skills with them into new social situations.

2. Gives Scope for Children to Interact with New Adults

Young children often try to imitate the adults around them, paying close attention to their decisions. So, if something is not appropriately communicated, they tend to create their own reasons and assumptions around why those decisions were made. This tendency increases when they are kept away from everyday social situations and makes it more difficult for children to behave normally.

In summer camp, children will be greeted with an open heart by multiple adults – from their teachers to counsellors to other staff. With each activity and interaction, they will learn something new and fun. They will also get accustomed to meeting new people outside the camp, including future role models.

3. Offers Teachable Moments Even Outside the Classroom

Remote learning was a challenge for many students, and ‘interesting teachable moments’ don’t often arise when you are stuck in front of your laptop. At camp, children participate in activities that provide a comfortable feeling after a long time of uncertainty. Staff are encouraged to change or enhance activities focusing on the curiosities and interests of campers. Counsellors establish personal connections with each camper throughout the summer through engaging interactions and creative projects they participate in together. Therefore, the children get closer to the learning environment to explore and perceive new things about nature and life.

4. Provides Unobstructed Play Time with Their Peers

Daily routines leave too little time for children to play. Whatever time they used to get to go outside was mostly taken away by COVID-19. But this summer camp will give the children an unobstructed opportunity to enjoy playtime. Different games are organized for children to play and socialize freely with their group.

Besides structured and pre-planned games and activities, students will also get free time to be creative and play without any direction. These free times will help them to gain, regain, or refine the skills, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity that are of utmost importance to their future success.

5. Helps to Develop Their Personalities

After almost two years without it, summer camp will feel liberating. Children will encounter many activities that take them out of their comfort zone. They will have to work in a group to participate in the activity or solve a problem. This will require them to use both their practical and creative senses to win competitions. Similarly, they will have to face and accept defeat with equal enthusiasm. These experiences will help develop your children’s personalities, for the better.

Children are more likely to take risks and experience success and failure at camp. There, they feel more confident and safer, away from the judgements of their peers or parents. Trying on new roles and skills makes them more adaptable, which they can then roll into their next semester of school. So, don’t miss this opportunity to enroll your children in our summer camp in Markham to make new friends, participate in new activities, and experience new things. If you are looking for information about our pre-school or daycare programs, contact us here.