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7 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Development

Child development involves all the changes that take place in your child physically, emotionally and in terms of their language and thought. This begins when they are born and continues until they reach adulthood. A child gradually becomes more independent during this time, eventually reducing its dependency on its parents or guardians. Many factors, such as prenatal events, their daily environment, the child’s learning capacity and their genetics influence this process. As you can guess, childhood is a key phase in every person’s life.


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However, you can actively influence your child’s development for the better with certain practices before and after school.

Tips to Boost Your Child’s Development

Child development comprises the growth of multiple skills simultaneously. Sometimes problems occur due to genetics, medical factors, or a lack of opportunity that can hinder their growth. To maximize the ease and speed of their learning and development, the difference between your child’s ability and that of others in the same age group has to be closed. Increasing your child’s confidence is also important, and this needs to be done from the pre-school stage.

Since every child is different and learns at their own pace, you need to first identify any problems they may be having. Guiding them towards success then becomes a lot easier. Here are some pre-school tips for parents to follow.

1.   Read to Your Children

Reading to your child is a great way to help them succeed academically so try to make it a habit. The best way to keep them interested in reading is to make it a collaboration, where you read to them and then they read to you. Parents often choose bedtime for this activity but reading can and should happen anytime. Choose a Saturday or Sunday, and call it “Reading Day”. Simply take your child to a park with books and snacks to make the experience more like fun and less like work.

2.   Keep in Touch with Teacher

Your child’s teachers spend more time with them than almost anyone else so they are your best guides to boosting their potential. Teachers make themselves available to parents and can provide recommendations on specific learning activities to benefit your little ones.

3.   Practice at Home

Practice makes perfect! Whether your little one is learning alphabets, identifying the sound of letters or words, or memorizing their home phone number, making them practice at home is a good idea. Doing this at night or on weekends develops their skills much faster than if they don’t.

A healthy child is naturally filled with a lot of energy and excitement so you need to find ways to grow their attention span. Read this blog to find out how to do just that.

4.   Make Nutrition Important

Apart from doing fun learning activities together and making your child practice, there are certain responsibilities that fall on your shoulders alone. Taking care of your child’s nutrition is one. A healthy breakfast will keep your young ones focused and feeling great all day. Also, be sure to make them a power-packed lunch with fresh foods instead of processed ones filled with preservatives. Here is a list of superfoods to get you started.

5.   Don’t Ignore Sleep

Sleep is very important to children. The lack of it can impact their cognitive abilities and their focus on academics. Make sure that your little one gets at least eight to nine hours of sleep nightly to avoid fatigue during the day.

6.   Turn Homework into Quality Time

Doing homework can get boring, so why not try making it fun? Being more engaged and interactive can help your children with their Montessori School Homework.

7.   Encourage Extracurricular Activities

Group activities like t-ball, dance and summer camp teach your child the importance of teamwork. They also help them explore their creativity, which is equally necessary for their complete development.

All these methods may be effective, but the most important thing is to show your child is unconditional love, irrespective of their academic potential. Love and encouragement go a long way towards helping your child become not only successful but a good human being.