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Banting! McClung! Peterson! Tecumseh!

[Update]House Activities

In order to foster house spirit, your teachers have been organizing house activities to enable members of their respective houses to develop a stronger bond with each other. The latest activity had the students making house bracelets to wear proudly during house rallies. We hope these activities will help each house build on their teamwork going forward, enabling them to thrive in all the friendly house competitions.




[Update] Competitions

The students have many ways to compete during the course of the year to gain points for their respective houses. Tickets are awarded throughout each day for exceptional behavior, show of good character, and academic achievement. Points are also given through intermural leagues where Mr. Henry organizes sport games to promote physical health and friendly competition. And through special events, teachers have planned other fun competitions such as during the Hallowe’en Day where a house-based costume contest was held.

At the end of the school year, the house with the most points wins the House Cup. Congratulations to Banting for winning the cup in 2013/2014. It is always a close race and we are excited to see what happens the rest of the year.


“As you may have already heard, the school has divided the students into four houses. This is the second year since its commencement and it is going fairly well! The house system develops the students’ cooperation skills as well as their leadership. It also allows the students to show their team spirit! Each house collects points throughout the year, and the one with the most at the end wins the House Cup. The system encourages students to improve their work as they [may be] awarded [points when] the teachers feel that the students have shown good character or have done well on an assignment. We still have many months ahead of us, so keep the house points coming! Good Luck to all the houses!” – Keanah and Pensee, Grade 7