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Important Parenting Tips on How to Nurture Children’s Learning

Throughout the early years of your child’s life, they have the capacity to learn a lot. Their brain develops rapidly and they have the potential to learn a variety of important skills to help them grow cognitively. As a parent, you can help nurture this process by engaging in daily activities with them. This may include making exercise a regular part of their lives, enrolling them in music lessons, encouraging them to explore their creativity, talking with them and limiting their time in front of the television.

This blog post by Trillium School reveals some of the most effective parenting tips that are recommended by experts. To find out more about them in detail, keep reading!

Start early

If you want your child to be smart, then you have to start when they are two-years-old. The director of Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University, Ronald Ferguson recommends several activities and they are:

Use numbers and rhythms

Encourage three-dimensional competencies

Sing to them

Read with them

Instead of reading to them as they passively stare at pictures, it’s recommended that you read together. Make them pay attention and encourage them to participate with you, even if they are failing to pronounce the words properly. Effort is an important skill and one of the first steps to nurturing a smart child.

Talk to them

Even if your toddler is failing to communicate, keep talking to them. This will develop their language skills and make them intelligent. You should ask questions and wait for an answer instead of engaging in one-way communication. In addition, you can also try making silly faces and exchange coos as this works great with children.

Encourage them to exercise

If your child exercises every day, this will help them gain physical strength and also fuel their mind. Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain and also builds new brain cells. In this way, it helps your child improve their mental sharpness.

Introduce music in their lives

A study has revealed that listening to music can develop your child’s brain faster. In fact, listening to music will boost their memory, make them more attentive and help their overall learning.

Let them explore their creative skills

Every child is creative and as a parent, you have to nurture their talents and skills. Therefore, experts recommend that you introduce them to literature, art and music. For instance, hand them paper and paint and let them use their imagination to create whatever they like.

Limit their time to watch TV

If you have a two-year-old child, watching TV is high recommended against. Encourage them to spend their leisure reading, drawing, listening to music or making clay art. These activities are essential for developing their brain.

Make them sleep early

You have to ensure that your child is getting enough sleep as rest will help them focus and become smarter. Several studies have shown that there is a correlation between the amount of sleep and academic grades. If your child isn’t getting proper sleep, then they may not perform well in the classroom, which can impact their learning.

The above-listed tips are recommended by experts as effective ways to help your child succeed. At Trillium School, we believe that there is no better time to begin learning than during a child’s early years. As a preschool in Markham, we offer a comfortable environment with the perfect blend of academics and extracurricular activities. Contact us for more information on the admission process.