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Why Is Preschool Education Important for Your Child?

Before enrolling your children in a kindergarten, you should consider enrolling them in a preschool. This is because in a preschool, their educational foundation is formed as they are introduced to numbers, letters and shapes. There is an array of benefits associated with a preschool education. From getting accustomed to structured and scheduled activities, developing the ability to focus, learning to read and write to socializing, they can learn a great deal before officially starting a school life.

If you’re a parent and are thinking over how important a preschool will be in your child’s development, then this blog post is meant for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Creates an opportunity for growth

A preschool provides a basic foundation for your children in a structured setting. The latter involves being around a teacher and other children teaching your child to share, follow instructions and grow. This will begin the foundation of learning for your child.

Prepares them for kindergarten

A kindergarten focusses more on academics, but, a preschool introduces your child into the educational system. It’s casual and is a perfect blend of physical and academic education. A preschool prepares your child for the next step which is kindergarten.

Promotes emotional and social development

A preschool exposes your child to other children and teachers. It provides a platform for them to interact with others and build trusting relationships between them. In fact, a preschool considers the participation of the parents as equally important. Hence, they arrange sessions for you to understand your child and vice versa.

Promotes the freedom to choose

Your child won’t be directed to any specific activity unless they want to do it. The teachers of a preschool are well aware of the children who roam aimlessly in a playground. They guide them to a particular activity and allow them to choose to participate.

Make them independent

The teachers at a preschool engage your child in group activities which is essential to make them realize their worth and competence. For instance, they might ask them to set the table during snack time. The teachers don’t expect perfection but, they appreciate the effort and that counts in the long run.

Promotes cognitive and language skills

Preschool starts when your child is between the ages of three and five when their vocabulary grows from nine hundred to twenty-five hundred words. In fact, they are able to form longer and complex sentences. The teachers encourage them to talk and express their opinion about special activities which boosts their cognitive skills. Furthermore, there are special sessions for singing and story-telling which your kids will enjoy and learn from at the same time.

Boosts literacy and maths skills

The teachers of a preschool arrange an array of games and activities that require your child’s active participation. For instance, if your child plays with magnetic alphabet letters, then they might ask their teacher to help them with the first letter of their name. Also, there are many matching and counting games that help improve their mathematics learning.

Helps in motor skills

It’s important for your child to play as much as possible when they are growing as that will develop their hand-eye coordination. Preschools organize many games that require your child to walk, run and jump.

These are the reasons why your child needs preschool education. It will make them confident, smart and self-sufficient. If you’re looking to enrol your child in a preschool in Markham, then contact Trillium School and we will provide you with all the information.