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Modernizing Education

[Update] Why Change Our Ways

Society is driven by progress and progress is driven by advancement. Technological advancement is at the heart of it all today and every activity will, in some form or another, involve the use of technology. Our aim is to prepare every student to adapt to this evolving landscape. Some of your children may choose a career path in a specialty field where advanced technologies are utilized. However, even if that may not be the case for your child, and there is nothing wrong with that, technology is encountered all the time. We intend to expose students to a range of technologies and show them how to effectively choose and incorporate these different mediums into their lives.

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SMART Boards To Become A Staple In The Elementary Classrooms

We Haven’t Forgotten About The Others

“The school is pleased to announce that the teachers are working towards modernizing the regular programs this year. They are incorporating technology into regular classes; an example being a [fuller utilization of the] Smart Board installed in the science lab. Instead of the regular computer classes for the grades 7 and 8, the school has decided to put in a Technology Program. The students will be covering topics on photography, claymation, computer hardware, and many others.” – Keanah and Pensee, Grade 7