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Tablets Coming To A Casa Classroom Near You

[Update] Casa 3 Tablet Program

We have started experimenting with the iPad within the Casa 3 classes as part of the advancement of technology in the Casa Division. We are looking at making use of apps as teaching and learning tools and they will be screened for their applicability to our current academic program and their compatibility to our students’ age groups and learning styles. Our goal is to increase the interaction and engagement in the learning process to further the enjoyment of the learning experience. By exposing children to the productive use of technology at an early age, we hope to start familiarizing them with the different applications of a variety of devices and programs, enabling them to be more equipped to adapt to the future ahead.

Currently, we are working first on the supplementary uses of the tablets and have begun to understand the effective uses as it pertains to academics and children development. We intend to move onto getting an idea on the uses as complimentary teaching tool. We are still working on determining which platform (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows) will provide the students with the best resources and it is possible we may move away from the iOS in the future.


[In The Future] Getting It Rolling

Our plan is to roll out a strong tablet program throughout the Casa Division within a couple of years. However, we will make sure our programs meet our standards before they are introduced. We would like to minimize any distractions to our classes and will not start the programs if we have not worked out every aspect.

We are also looking into what other technological devices are available that can be a complement to your children’s development and we intend to bring them into the classroom as well.

Further details will be provided once they become available.