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Why Choose Private School for Your Child?

When children approach school age, the big question parents face is whether to enroll them in a private or a public school. The curriculums, amenities and tutoring programs are very different between the two, and private schooling, needless to say, is a lot more expensive. Hence, it is a choice that should be made only after much deliberation and a proper and full understanding of what each school has to offer. There are a lot of benefits to private schooling, and making the choice with full knowledge of the different Montessori schools in your region will help ensure you find the right school for your child.

Private School Benefits

Benefits of Private Schools

It is important to choose the right school for your child from the start to ensure they have a strong academic base. Here are some of the perks of choosing a private school for your toddler:

  • Individual attention

All parents want their child to get the best education possible, ideally one that is tailored to their strengths and interests.   Private schools employ many teachers so the class size is small, whereas public schools have fewer teachers but the number of students is more. When choosing a private school, find out the teacher-student ratio. This will help you estimate how much individual attention teachers are likely to be able to provide your child.

  • Parental involvement

Private schools make a strong effort to involve parents and keep them up to date on their child’s progress and curriculum. This relationship between the school and parents is beneficial to the child as parents will have a fuller understanding of their children’s courses and will be better able to assist them with their homework. When you enrol your child in a private Montessori school, there are several activities where you can get involved.

  • Special curriculums

Private schools offer different programs which you can choose depending on your child’s interests and aptitudes. For example, if your child is inclined towards sports, you can find private schools that make sports an intrinsic part of their curriculum. This is not the case in many public schools where sports and extracurricular activities, especially arts, are often the first to be cut when budgets are put on the chopping block. Some higher-end private schools have sports facilities that even surpass the standards of many colleges.

Almost every private school offers a regular exercise component for its students, but if you are looking for a more specialized sports and performance-based curriculum, be sure to investigate the programs available at the schools you are investigating from an elementary level.

  • Better academic opportunities

Private schools offer exceptional educational experiences through extracurricular activities, as well as various placement courses and diploma programs for further studies. Your child’s all-round development is prioritized via a curriculum that includes equal parts studies, sports and extracurriculars. When browsing a private Montessori school’s website, take note of their overall facilities for pre-schoolers as well as high school, if available. If you are not sure which extracurriculars and sports your child is passionate about, be sure to ask them before deciding to enrol them in a particular school.

  • Smaller classes

Private schools have fewer students in each class than public schools which means teachers can give more attention to each student and address their weak points. This is less possible in public schools where class sizes are much higher. Of course, the quality of education varies from one private school to another, just as it does in the public system, including how much attention your child will receive. To that end be sure to check out reviews and recommendations on the best private Montessori schools in your region. You may also want to consult with other parents who have enrolled their child in a private Montessori school to find out more about the quality of their education and teachers.

When you are looking for the best school for your child, picking between private and public is your first task. Keeping in mind the benefits of private schools shared above, you now know what to look for while searching for that perfect school. The best solution will be to visit a few schools and understand their curriculums to understand which is best for your child.