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Toronto Private Schools: How They Enrich Your Child’s Future

Toronto Private School

Are you looking for the best Toronto private school in which to enrol your child?

While Ontario’s public school system has its merits, it is worth considering whether a private school education provides enough real advantages to justify the cost. (Hint: it does.)

Here we discuss what benefits a prestigious Toronto private school like Trillium School can offer your children.

4 Essential Characteristics of an Excellent Private School Like Trillium School

Finding the right private school can be a lengthy process as it requires careful research and evaluation. To help, this post comprehensively details what you should look for and how to assess the advantages they offer your children.

1. Access to High-Quality Facilities

Montessori school in Toronto

Compared to many public ones, private schools generally offer better facilities. For example, Trillium School has:

  • A fantastic computer room
  • A library
  • A fully-equipped science lab
  • A music room
  • A fully-contained school yard equipped with permanent play structures
  • A mini water park


These diverse facilities allow students to improve their creative and cognitive skills. When schools prioritize personal development, their students are more likely to engage with their instruction, have more relevant coursework, and be assessed authentically.

2. Small Class Sizes 

A significant advantage of private schools, which gives them an upper hand over their public school counterparts, is class size. The size of a private school class varies between 15 and 20 students; public ones can go over 30.

The main reason for small class size is to provide a student-centred education; meaning your child will receive more attention from their teachers. Furthermore, they will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, which means more time can be devoted to the education of each child.

3. Community Atmosphere

Private schools foster a vibrant and cohesive culture among students and faculty. Their small community makes private schools well equipped to serve each student’s individual needs. Regular school events and activities allow for community building both during the school day and after hours.

The best private schools promote academic and athletic opportunities and extracurricular activities that create strong community relations. For example, Trillium School’s summer camp is a great tool to create a community among our students.

In this way your child gets the chance to grow in a happy, active and engaging environment where they are valued as an individual and supported by teachers and peers.

4. Leadership Opportunities

The development of self-confidence in young people is a distinct advantage of the private school system. High-quality private schools give their students numerous extracurricular options to help them improve their academic skills. These activities open up new opportunities by giving them the chance to pursue their hobbies, discover new skills, and broaden their perspectives. They can then use their skills both within the school community and out in the world to help them grow as students and prepare to take on leadership roles. Students can develop many life and leadership skills; for instance, as student council members, club presidents, and school ambassadors.

It is plain that there are many good Toronto-area public schools but that private ones offer real advantages in terms of facilities, teachers, and instilling confidence and leadership skills. So, if you are looking for a good Montessori school in Toronto to give your child the right start in their education, consider Trillium School.