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How to Transition Back to School (Guide by Our Markham Daycare)

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Summer vacation is over and schools are starting their new terms. We at Trillium daycare in Markham are excited to see our students’ happy faces after the summer break.

But is your little one still in the holiday zone?

Children go through a mix of emotions when it comes to going back to school. It can be a really exciting time for some; others may feel anxiety or fear. Instead of jumping back into the school routine all at once on the first day, it’s better to ease them into the transition.

Here, we discuss a few steps to help bring your child back from holidays into school mode and gear up for a great school year.

Ease Your Child Back into School Mode After Holidays

Keep reading to learn the best ways to ease your child back into school mode after the holidays, as recommended by the experts at our Markham daycare.

1. Get Their Sleep Routine Back on Track

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Vacation often means staying up late and waking up late. But if you want your children to get back into school mode, the first thing you need to do is fix their sleep routine. Reintroduce their pre-holiday sleep patterns a week or two before school starts to give their body clocks time to get back into sync.

You can also create a chart outlining what they need to do to prepare for school. These include:

  • Getting their clothes ready for the next day
  • Eliminating screen time for at least an hour before bed
  • Colour-coding their exercise books
  • Packing their school bag
  • Waking up early
  • Eating breakfast and getting dressed

The first week can be difficult, but hopefully they will pick up the pace by the second week.

2. Build Excitement for School

During holidays, your children’s focus may have been solely on games and toys. So, if you want them to shift their focus back to school, you have to make it seem exciting. To that end, you can discuss different exhilarating factors about school like the playground, their friends, and favourite teachers.

Most children experience some stress or anxiety around school. Try to find out what worries them by asking directly. Show them you care by normalizing these worries and stresses. Reassure them that whatever they are feeling is normal, that it happens to everyone, and that they will overcome it once they have settled in.

Give them a vision of school to which they can look forward. Once they go back to school, for instance, they will be able to share what they got as gifts and get back to learning. Also, ask them about their favourite things at school. Thinking about this will build excitement and have them looking forward to school.

3. Encourage Questions

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Transitioning from one set-up or routine to another can be scary, especially for younger children. Being away from parents for long hours can also make them even more scared. So, encourage them to ask questions about the new school year. These allow you to gain a different perspective on their thoughts about going back. For instance, what will be the same and what will be different? Will they have new teachers? Will they see their old friends in their new classes? Let them ask you questions and settle their concerns.

These are three of the major strategies you can practise to help your child get back into school mode after their summer holiday. You can also consider adjusting your own schedule to make the transition smoother. If you want to learn more about your child’s education or are considering changing their school, contact Trillium School, a reputable private school in Markham.