Notice: Open House dates April 29, 2023 and May 27, 2023 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm by appointment only. Please call or email the school to secure an appointment.

Watcha Talkin’ ‘Bout

[Update] The Speakeasy Corner

For those who may have overlooked the purple box on the Elementary sign-in and out table, this is the comment box made especially for you to submit your thoughts to us. We have received a lot of useful insight so far and we were able to immediately address some below. Others will take more time to discuss ways we can implement any changes we make, will be addressed in future school communications. We just want you to know we review each and every thought placed into the box and none will be casually dismissed.

We are leaving the comment box there as another form of communication to your school. Let’s continue using it and work together to make this the best experience possible for your children.


We Want To Go Online!

We have heard your call and we are finding a way to get you connected. There are some technicalities to work out but we are sure we can bring WiFi to the foyer, accessible to everyone, at the least during student drop-off and pick-up hours. An announcement will be issued when we have successfully integrated this feature into our WiFi infrastructure.

A Jam-Up In The Locker Area

We have both parents and students complaining about the jam up in the locker area before school and after school. Let’s wait outside the locker area and in the hallway for our children. They are very responsible little people and will only grow more responsible through practice. Once they pack what they need, if you are worried your child may have forgotten something, you can check their backpack in the hallway. This will free up space for other children to get to their lockers. Of course, if it is outside of peak times, you can definitely accompany your children to their lockers. We will notify teachers of this procedural change and we thank you all in advance for your cooperation.

Is There Really A Need For A 3rd Language?

The short answer is no, not really. However, as the world becomes further globalized, many emerging economies will help propel their countries onto the world stage and those countries will become more powerful and influential players. It is definitely an advantage to be able to speak the languages that are forecasted to become more widely used and we believe it will open up many doors for your children down the road.