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Why Is Sending Your Child to Daycare the Right Decision?

Daycare in Markham

Are you looking for the best daycare in Markham, Ontario, for your child?

It is a great option both for both busy parents and for their children, who benefit from daycare’s many advantages.

In addition to taking care of your child, a daycare has many other positive impacts on child development.

Let’s explore what they are.

The Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in Daycare

Compared to any other stage of life, early childhood is when kids endure the maximum number of physical and mental changes. That’s why to optimize their development you must ensure that your child is in the best possible environment. From socio-emotional and cognitive changes to learning about sustainable environmental practices, we’ll discuss the different benefits that your child will receive from daycare.

1. Psychological Development

The positive environment in a daycare supports your child in learning how to form positive and trusting relationships and acquire balance and coordination. It also trains them to face challenging situations and manage stress by providing indoor and outdoor areas where they can engage in realistic play with their friends. These interactions help in their psychological development.

2. Social Development

Attending a quality daycare can have a significant and long-lasting impact on your child’s social and emotional development. They develop their social skills by being around other children and regularly interacting with them. They also develop their communication and adaptability skills and learn to share and empathize with others while understanding different kinds of emotions.

Markham Daycare teaches children different values, such as working together, problem-solving, kindness, and respect for others. These traits become invaluable as they progress in their lives.

3. Cultivation of Confidence

Regularly meeting and interacting with new people other than their parents improves children’s communication skills. They also learn to trust others and grow as a person, which develops their self-confidence and self-assurance. This can help them beat separation anxiety when they start going to school and are separated from their parents.

Trillium School in Markham, Ontario, arranges different curriculam and programs to encourage and support children’s independence, competencies, and capabilities. The daily routine of engaging with children of the same age and supportive adult caregivers can help them overcome those anxieties and gain confidence.

1. Cognitive Skills

The different activities and learning games offered by a daycare can benefit your child’s cognitive skills. They will learn language skills, colours, numbers, and more. They will also try different kinds of exercises every day (often camouflaged as play), so that they are more likely to enjoy learning games.

We know that early childhood education programs lay the foundation for later years of schooling. These structured daycare activities not only stimulate your child’s cognitive growth but also positively impact their readiness for school.

2. Immunity to Illness

Parents are often concerned that sending their children to daycare might get them sick. But daycare exposes them to the outside world which builds their immunity. A good daycare will teach your child the importance of proper hygiene techniques so they will become less sick in future school years.

3. Learning Discipline

The daycare’s routine and structured activities provide children with a sense of stability and discipline. Most of the programs, like snack time, activities, and naps, instil a routine that teaches children consistency and time management. Learning discipline as a child can build good habits that they will carry throughout their entire life.

Learning Discipline in Daycare School

Daycare prepares your children for future learning and develops their emotional and social selves. They learn different skills, and being away from their parents makes them more independent. Don’t let your child miss this amazing journey towards development. Contact our daycare in Markham to learn more about our programs.