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Why Should You Send Your Child to Summer Camp in Markham?

summer camps in Markham

Allowing your children to explore and experience new things is crucial for their education and growth. That’s why we always encourage parents to send their children to summer camps in Markham. We believe every child should attend summer camp, regardless of their age. And their increased independence allows them to get more out of the experience.

For those parents worried about sending their children to summer camps, please don’t. In Montessori summer camps, the mission is to have fun. Campers share and carry out recreational activities that allow them to develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills to their full potential.

In this post, you will learn why summer camp is important and what benefits you can expect your child to gain as a result of attending.

Let’s get started.

Why Is Summer Camp Important for Kids?

Summer camp creates a safe environment for children through various fun activities. It also offers them a structured opportunity to grow and contribute to their development in novel ways. Here, children come together to enjoy themselves while learning life lessons. The camp setup helps them develop a sense of independence and confidence while making new friends and learning new skills.

Below are some of the many benefits of sending your child to summer camp.

1. Camp Enables Children to Develop New Interests

When you send your kids to summer camp, they get acquainted with different games and activities that are usually not practiced in public schools, like archery.

So, if your child has an interest in anything outside of regular school subjects or sports, summer camp allows them a distraction-free opportunity to try it out. Or, if their school does offer ’different’ activities, summer camp allows for a deeper dive.

2. Camp Promotes Independence and Confidence

Campers don’t have their parents there to guide them or tell them what to do, so camp gives them the opportunity to be more self-reliant. Being separated from their caregivers gives a child the ability to think independently, which builds self-esteem.

At camp, children gain valuable life skills necessary to become successful adults. These include communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, socialization, and problem solving. All of these areas are fostered in the camp environment.

Camp’s well-structured activities require them to make decisions on their own, which helps in building their decision making skills. By being forced out of their comfort zone and learning to take individual action, they develop a feeling of freedom which increases their self-confidence.

As a result, your child will leave camp with confidence that is strong enough to compel them to try new challenges and be who they truly want to be.

3. Camp Improves Teamwork and Cooperation

In summer camp, kids meet and bond with children who share similar interests and hobbies. There’s also plenty of time for play, which helps them with social and emotional development.

When your child meets like-minded peers, that helps them release the pressure and stress of studying and embrace their childhood with an open heart.

From building a campfire to preparing meals, campers are encouraged to work with their new friends to accomplish their goals. Indeed, knowing how to work in a team is a useful life skill. And these friendships often last a long time.

4. Camp Helps Kids Improve Their Communication Skills

Campers are always communicating with each other, either on the field or in their bunks. They are learning to work together as a team and as part of the camp community.

This constant communication allows them to be more open about their thoughts and feelings which will benefit them in the long run.

5. Camp Allows Kids to Unplug from Technology

Many parents feel that kids don’t get enough physical activity in their increasingly tight daily schedule. But summer camp lets your children unplug from technology and engage in real world exercise. These various activities demand both their physical and mental stamina to complete. Indeed, summer camp will bring out the best in your children.

These points clearly highlight the importance of summer camps. Here at Trillium School, a respected Montessori school in Markham, we push our campers to explore their individual interests while having a great camp experience. Our students can participate in arts & crafts, group activities, sports, games, enjoyable projects and so much more. Contact us to learn more about our summer camp programs.